Alli The Hair Assistant

Alli “The Hair Assistant” is a necessary tool for hair braiding and weaving used hold and dispense up to 12 oz. of human or synthetic hair extensions while the hairstylist is providing braiding, weaving, wig making or other hair extension services.
Alli saves hair stylists and their customers countless hours in preparation, and cleanup time and hundreds of dollars in discarded hair extensions.
For many years hair stylists around the world have had to struggle with where to put their hair extensions and how to minimize loss of product (hair extension fibers) while performing hair installation services. Even today stylists loop the hair behind their work stool in hopes of keeping it together, or hire an assistant to pass them each strand so the hair won’t tangle. Some stylists have even enlisted their client to hand them the product as needed-a rather unprofessional solution.
Alli provides storage for hair styling utensils and, when the teeth are locked together, it keeps the hair from tangling and relaxes each strand as it is being pulled through. The tool is an important step in hair extension installation services, and prepping hair to make pre-tipped, wefted, blending hair extensions and other hair piece systems. Alli's unique design gives a more convenient and portable edge for stylists on the go. The base of the tool can clamp on and adjust to any styling chair or counter top. 

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