CAREER development


12 weeks to Hair Braiding License

300 Hours $2,500.00

(Full Student Kit and Milady Natural & Braiding Book and Workbook included)

Career Development, Licensing Program is a hands-on course designed to sharpen your natural hair techniques and business skills. Comprised of 3 modules, participants will outline fundamental strategies and goals to create a solid industry plan.

·         Module 1: Conceptualize Week 1-4

Develop the concepts and theories of natural hair care with history, knowledge and career opportunities that will reshape your idea of natural hair.

·         Module 2: Development Week 5-6

Hone your basic skills with in-depth courses created to magnify your unique strengths while challenging you to develop in areas of outstanding possibilities.

·         Module 3: Advancement Week 7-12

Go above and beyond with intensive educational courses in cutting edge techniques designed to move your career forward.


The curriculum involves 300 Hours, of which 300 hours meets the Illinois State requirements. The course includes extensive instruction and practical experience in hair braiding, twisting, natural styling, weaving and other extension applications, along with retailing products and business ethics. The curriculum also includes State laws and regulations, sanitation, personal appearance and hygiene, quality customer service, personal motivation and development etc. The approximate completion date of day full time program is 13 weeks, based on 25 clock hours per week. The approximate completion date of evening part time program is 17 weeks, based on 15 clock hours per week.


  1. To provide a quality educational system preparing each student to pass the state board examination. Our quality system includes providing an outstanding facility, experienced and competent instructors, and a curriculum developed through years of experience and expertise.

  2. To train and graduate students who are prepared, confident and exit to enter a successful career within the salon and beauty industry.


  1. Receive the required number of clock hours of training.

  2. Complete and receive passing grades on all practical graduation requirements and projects to include examinations, both practical and theoretical.

  3. Satisfactory pass final written and practical exams.


  1. A total number of 300 mandatory part time hours of theory and practical coursework required to complete the program. There will be no exception to this rule!

  2. Students must pay all fees for materials needed for the course which include textbooks, supplies and uniforms. The materials are due 2 weeks before the first day of class.

  3. Students are required to attend all classes and pass all written assignments, quizzes and final exams with an average score of 80% or better to be eligible to sit for Illinois State Licenses.

  4. Students will be graded on all practical and written assignments. Professionalism, safety and daily attendance will play a major role in each student’s ability to pass all courses. Attendance to all classes is mandatory.



Monday - Wednesday 9AM-5PM

  • May 28, 2019

  • July 01, 2019

  • August 26, 2019


Monday - Wednesday 6PM-9PM

  • July 01, 2019

  • August 26, 2019